Jerry and I were batch mates at Deloitte Philippines. We were among the 40+ auditors hired that year. Truth be told, he did not catch my attention at first. Little did I know, this guy –whose personality came off quite too strong for me in the beginning, would eventually become a huge part of my life.

Looking back, I remember friends started teasing us, telling me that he liked me! Of course, that’s a story I prefer Jerry would tell himself. Haha. It was months after that, when we started talking to each other. I was away on an out-of-town fieldwork, we were sending text messages back and forth by then. During my birthday, he sent me a video he made personally. It was such a pleasant surprise. Later, he would point a song that he used in the video entitled “What Might Have Been”, and that made that video more exceptional. That same moment also marked the start of a long and exciting journey we took together as Atsi and Ahia (Ate and Kuya in Chinese).

Everyone knows Jerry (also known as “KJ”) is a very talented singer. He’s an exceptional performer and plays music very well (syempre love your own hahaha) –he can play the guitar, the piano and he can even do drums! I am thinking, maybe, I unknowingly fell in love with his music hahaha. Add to that, I am so used to teasing and calling him “the politician” because he knows almost everyone around him. On top of these qualities, I admire the way he thinks, how he handles his problems -with grace and unbelievable composure. I love how he exudes confidence in everything he does. You see, those are the very same things I want to have for myself and wanted to learn from. It is quite a bonus that I see him and the way he values his family still amazes me to this day. I think Ahia would be a great husband and a wonderful father and I am very lucky to have him.

Not everyone knows, Ahia, much to my chagrin, is also my number one “kontrapelo”. We have built this relationship partly on this weird habit of poking fun at each other and laughing at each other’s mistakes and flaws. But inspite of that, the most important thing is, we never fail to be there for each other and protect each other when the going gets tough. This for me is the best part of being together.

Ahia, there is indeed still more to explore and discover with you. I look forward to enjoy and grow old with you. I am counting on more experiences, more food trips, more places and things to cross off our bucket list together. I am here to support you. As they say, “through good times and good times only”, kidding, haha, “through good times and bad times” —–together as one.


On my first day in Deloitte Philippines, I saw her –a tall, pretty girl in black walking along the associate’s area. The first words that I uttered “wow! ang tangkad naman!” Little did I know, this girl will become the angel of my life.

The very first time I had the chance to talk to her was during our first Batch outing. I tried getting to know more about her. It became the start of our friendship. Then, both of us were assigned to two different out-of-town engagements. I, then, took the chance to start sending her text messages every day. My messages were mostly corny, I know. But she was nice enough to appreciate my effort. Hahaha.

Then, her birthday came. I decided to make a video present for her. A sincere gesture, that she told me later, has left a special mark in her heart.

Our friendship deepened from then. We found ourselves hanging out more together –going to videoke bars, playing billiards, watching movies and chatting over coffee. Days passed, by this time, we have shared so many things with each other –our ideas, stories and sentiments in life. This made me realize that this girl is indeed very special.

The first thing people notice about Atsi is how tall and beautiful she is. But, to me, there is more to this woman. She has a very big heart. She can easily sympathize with anyone, she values the feelings of other people and extends her help to anyone in any way that she can. She takes extra care of her family and friends. I also found her brutally honest and how frank she can be. She’s not afraid to speak up for things that she thinks are right. And I find that admirable most of the time.

Being with Atsi for four years, I have found more than enough reason to decide that I want to spend the rest of my life with her –marry her, travel with her and support her to become the very best person that she can be.

To my dearest Atsi, I am looking forward to our future together. I am confident that once we are together as one, nothing can tear us apart.